November 9, 2007

Ubuntu Server: Attractive Choice, Paltry Documentation

A number of pundits like to bemoan Linux's supposed lack of an integrated server stack, and wail about the difficulty of figuring out what you need, and how toilsome it is to install all the pieces separately, and how arduous it is to configure everything after you have found and installed all the separate pieces. Fortunately they're wrong, because there have long been a number of specialized Linux-based server distributions to choose from: XAMPP, Trixbox, Zeroshell, AsteriskNOW, CitadelBBS, various Red Hat editions, various Mandriva versions, FreeNAS, and dozens more. Ordinary general-purpose Linux distributions like PCLinuxOS, Fedora, and Debian come with options for quick server setups. So the question is not "where are all the integrated Linux server stacks", but "which ones meet my needs."



  • Open Source
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