June 25, 2012

Ubuntu TV: The Community Wish List Is Taking Shape

In early January of this year, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Canonical took the wraps off of Ubuntu TV, which has drawn a mix of praise and criticism since then. If you haven't taken a peek at how Ubuntu TV works, there is a video available here. It's a new interface that integrates television and movie content on an open source platform that Canonical hopes will win developers over. The interface is based on Unity, the controversial interface that many Ubuntu users have wrestled with. Now, on the Ubuntu wiki, developers are seeking input on what to build for Ubuntu TV, and you can make your voice heard.

Since developers called for Ubuntu TV use cases over a week ago, quite a lot of ideas have been floated on the Ubuntu wiki.  The VAR Guy collected several of them, including calls for full DVR functionality, built in technology for cutting out commercials from recorded TV, and support for integrating TV with mobile devices.

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