April 27, 2005

UK open source event 25 June

Matthew Revell writes "UK's premier Linux event - 25 June Wolverhampton -- The UK's premier open source event takes place at the Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton, on 25 June.

With a community - not corporate - focus, LugRadio Live is your chance to have a laugh and a beer with other open source users and developers. There'll be Linux LAN gaming, a live recording of the open source radio show LugRadio and talks from speakers including:

  • Ian Bell - co-creator of seminal 80s computer game Elite.
  • Bill Thompson - open source commentator and BBC technology columnist.
  • Colin Watson - Ubuntu hacker.
  • Jonathan Riddell - KDE big-wig and kilt wearer.
  • Sarah Ewen - Sony's Playstation Linux chief.
  • Simon Willison - leading web development thinker.
  • Andrew Lewis - creator of SplineScan, a home made 3D scanning system.

Plus many more! There's also free exhibition space for your open source project.

You'll never be bored, and even if you are, there's an all-day bar. LugRadio Live is about meeting people, finding out about cool new stuff and having fun. On the evening we'll be enjoying curry and beers, followed by the LugRadio Live paintball the next day.

Wolverhampton is easy to get to by train and car and we've even got special deals on local hotels, from just £25 per person per night.

Buy your LugRadio Live ticket now, for just £5, at www.lugradio.org/live/"

Link: lugradio.org

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