July 23, 2008

Ulteo Applications System

Gaël Duval announced the availability of Ulteo Application System, code name "Sirius" Stable: "The Ulteo Application System is a FREE installable version of Ulteo, that ships with hundreds applications and innovative features that include: Global Ulteo authentication; Automatic data backup/synchronization to/from the Ulteo Online Desktop; "My Digital Life" panel to organize your digital life easier and better; Automatic system and application incremental upgrade; Very fast to install, very easy to use."

"Sirius" Stable is an installable live CD that offers a Windows alternative; it comes with a lot of applications by default, including Firefox 2.0 and OpenOffice.org 2.3. Learn more here. Download (MD5): ulteo-sirius-1.02-install-i386.iso (692MB).

Also announced is Ulteo Virtual Desktop Beta3: "It allows you to use the best Linux applications on the Windows operating system. It's been designed for individuals and corporate users who want to have Linux and Windows applications together on the same desktop without the hassles of dual booting or virtualization. It already got great feedback from the IT press during the past three months. If you would enjoy Ulteo Virtual Desktop on a preloaded USB key that wouldn't require any installation, please let us know!"

Link: Distrowatch


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