November 19, 2015

Unikernels, Meet Docker!

Today, unikernels took to the stage at DockerCon EU in Barcelona!

As part of the Cool Hacks session in the closing keynote, Anil Madhavapeddy (MirageOS project lead), showed how unikernels can be treated as any other container. He first used Docker to build a unikernel microservice and then followed up by deploying a real web application with database, webserver and PHP code all running as distinct unikernel microservices built using Rump Kernels. Docker managed the unikernels just like Linux containers but without needing to deploy a traditional operating system!

This kind of integration helps put unikernels into the hands of developers everywhere and combines the familiar tooling and real-world workflows of the container ecosystem with the improved security, efficiency and specialisation of unikernels. Weâll finish off this post with details of how you can get involved â but first, before we go into Anilâs demonstration in more detail, some background about why unikernels matter, and why it makes sense to use Docker this way.


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