September 4, 2002

UnitedLinux, a divisive weapon for SCO's McBride?

Anonymous Reader writes - "Holger Dryoff (SuSE), Gaël Duval (Mandrake), Mark de Visser (Red Hat), and Mike Angelo ( discuss LSB, UnitedLinux, and the Linux market. MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports.
'Caldera's Darl McBride leaves a trail of VaporHype on the Linux Landscape. McBride made .. divisive statements. He fired full salvos at Red Hat Linux and ignored Mandrake Linux ... McBride seeks to put the fledgling UnitedLinux in a fight with Red Hat (by name) and Mandrake and other Linux distribution providers (not named) to squabble over grabbing shares in the same, existing Linux market pie.' (rather than grabbing market from Microsoft).
Check this story for the story."


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