November 5, 2001

Universal may prevent PCs from playing CDs

Author: JT Smith

PCWorld: "Along with consumers of audio CDs, large software makers like Microsoft and RealNetworks could also be caught out when the copy-protected CDs hit the market.
Both of the new multimedia players from Microsoft and RealNetworks, the Windows Media Player and the RealOne Media Player respectively, have features that let
PC users play and organize tracks from audio CDs.

The copy-protected CDs from Universal and Sony would render those highly touted features useless on both media players, something the companies are all too
aware of. "It is a tricky situation. What I can say is that we working with (the major music labels), and are trying to educate them about offering customers the
flexibility they want while also protecting (the company's) copyrights at the same time," said George Fraser, RealNetworks' director for Northern Europe."

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