November 29, 2002

Universia and GridSystems provide provide Grid to

Kico Borras writes This new multiplatform technology (Linux, Windows, etc) takes advantage of the whole power of the computer resources connected to a Net, creating a virtual supercomputer that allows the key processes acceleration in several investigations. The portal integrates more than 500 Universities from Spain and Latin America.

Wednesday, October 16th, 2002. Andres Pedreño, the portal CEO, and Joan Massó, GridSystems President, have signed a collaboration agreement with the goal of provide access to all the university research groups to the new Grid technology. This collaboration starts with Spanish Universities and will include in a second phase Latin American. Thanks to this initiative, positions itself again at the forefront of the information technologies applied to the university world., portal promoted by the Santander Central Hispano, is integrated by 67 Spanish and more than 500 Latin American Universities, besides the Rectors' Conference of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and the Top Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC).

With the use of InnerGrid, software completely developed by the Spanish company GridSystems, recently awarded with the IST Prize, the university research centers can add the power of their networked computers, taking advantage of all their process potential and offering the researchers a virtual supercomputer. Hereby, processes that before took days or hours to complete, or that could not be realized for lack of computational power, can be now be done in minutes or seconds. The Cancer Research Institute, from the University of Salamanca or the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of the University of Alcalá, benefit already from this new technology.

In a few weeks, accessing to the portal the research groups of the participating universities will be able to know all the information related to this new technology, to present their projects and to request the application of the Grid technology in their own centers.

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GridSystems, Spanish company founded in February 2000, with headquarters in Palma de Mallorca and offices in the main European capitals, counts among its shareholders the participation of Caixanova, IT-Deusto and Analistas Financieros Internacionales. With commercial agreements that include the leading hardware and software vendors, GridSystems leads the introduction of the Grid technology in Spain and in Europe, counting among its clients leaders groups in sectors as banking, telecommunications, biotechnology, multimedia and public administration.

The portal has a technological platform capable of giving service to ten million university students. One million and a half correspond to Spain and the rest to Latin America. Universia offers services and specific contents for the university community as well as the basic services of any Internet portal (chat, e-mail, forums, etc.) and commercial services (B2C: traveling, leisure, computer equipments). Universia is also configured as a portal for all those students who aspire to join the university.

Universia has already portals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Portugal and Venezuela and prepares the launch in Colombia by the"

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