December 17, 2003

UNIX recognized as UK Business Superbrand

SAN FRANCISCO, CA December 17, 2003 The Open Group today announced that its UNIX brand has been awarded highly coveted Business Superbrand status by The
Brand Council and will be featured in its 2003/04 book. Voted by an independent judging panel of experts made up of eminent figures from the world of business,
UNIX was identified as one of the most admired, exceptional business-to-business brands, commanding customer loyalty, respect and trust The Business Superbrand
status is considered the ultimate accolade in brand recognition. According to The Brand Council, less than 5% of brands considered on a shortlist qualify for
the award.

"UNIX is a brand that IT buyers can trust and be reassured by; it acts as a signal that the product that they are purchasing meets the UNIX specifications and
standards as verified and monitored by an independent and neutral organization, The Open Group," said Stephen Cheliotis, Brand Liaison Director of The Brand
Council. "Through building, maintaining and protecting the UNIX brand, The Open Group have provided an invaluable mark for the entire industry that has proved
important to both developers and buyers of IT systems and servers. The systems that are covered by the UNIX brand are vital to modern business and indeed our
wider, increasingly technologically reliant, societies. Without the reassurance of UNIX and the policing of the UNIX brand it would be a more worrying
environment for both those involved in the industry and the wider market."

"The UNIX brand has a great deal of equity and will continue to grow." Cheliotis continued. "The Brand Council applauds the brand for acting as a unifier and
enforcer of standards."

"It is an honor to be recognized for brand leadership by such a prestigious organization. Obtaining the Business Superbrand status is like receiving an Oscarâ
for branding," said Allen Brown, President and CEO of The Open Group. "The UNIX brand is the visible sign that certified products conform to standards, and
will therefore support applications needed by the buyer, interoperate with existing and future systems, and cost less to own and operate. The recognition by
The Brand Council underscores the success of vendor's commitment to certification and conformance to standards."

The Business Superbrand awards were announced on December 9, 2003 at the Business Superbrands Tribute Event.

About The Brand Council/The Superbrands Ltd.
The Brand Council/The Superbrands Ltd. is the independent arbiter on branding. The organization promotes the discipline of branding and pays tribute to
exceptional brands around the world. Their programs operate in over 25 countries across 4 continents. Further information about The Brand Council can be found

About The Open Group
The Open Group is a vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium, which drives the creation of Boundaryless Information Flow that will enable access to
integrated information within and between enterprises based on open standards and global interoperability. The Open Group works with customers, suppliers,
consortia and other standard bodies. Its role is to capture, understand and address current and emerging requirements, establish policies and share best
practices; to facilitate interoperability, develop consensus, and evolve and integrate specifications and open source technologies; to offer a comprehensive
set of services to enhance the operational efficiency of consortia; and to operate the industry's premier certification service, including UNIX certification.
Further information on The Open Group can be found at

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