July 16, 2003

Unix Shell Essentials class

This week, Puget Sound Technology announced their upcoming course covering
Unix command-line fundamentals to be taught August 19 - 21 in Everett,
Wash. The class introduces the Unix filesystem and environment
and teaches standard tools and Unix shell usage.

The Unix Shell Essentials class is aimed at aspiring IT professionals
with no previous experience of Unix-based systems who wish to gain a
hands-on understanding of fundamental Linux, BSD, and Unix skills.

"Making a resurgence with the popularity of the Linux and Mac OS
X operating systems, the Unix command-line system continues to
prove its powerful and functional use for improving and saving time
with common administrator tasks," said Jeremy C. Reed of Puget
Sound Technology.

This three-day class covers a variety of topics including common file
manipulation commands, monitoring and signaling processes, regular
expressions, file access permissions, text processing filters, and
shell variables. Over fifty command-line tools will be introduced.

To register for the class or for more information, visit
Puget Sound Technology's webpage at

About Puget Sound Technology

Puget Sound Technology is a leading provider of IT training and
consulting services in a wide range of open source and Unix
technologies. Puget Sound Technology provides comprehensive training
solutions for enterprises and individuals in several key areas,
including: open source Unix security; mail and DNS server
administration, Apache web services, and BSD system administration.
Other upcoming events include Introduction to Samba and hands-on
BSD system administrator training. Please check the Puget Sound
Technology website at http://www.pugetsoundtechnology.com
for more information.

Link: pugetsoundtechnology.com

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