UNIX vs. Linux – What the big vendors are saying

tk421 writes “The decision to stay with UNIX or to migrate to Linux is top of mind for many. So, the question becomes: When does it make sense to stay and when does it make sense to move?

We put that question to the big three UNIX vendors — IBM, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Sun — to understand how they help their customers decide where, when and if a migration makes sense.

“Typically where the customers’ head is at, is he doesn’t want to change anything unless he has to, said IBM’s Karl Freund, vice president of pServer Product Marketing.

“So, in general, what we find is that customers that are happy with their current UNIX vendor stay put. The applications work, they’re tuned, they scale, they are robust, they are reliable and (customers) are not sure they will get all of those things on the Linux platform.””

Link: cioupdate.com


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