November 29, 2000

Unlocking the Windows-based mailbox

Author: JT Smith

From Linux World:

"While I no longer put up with the dual-boot blues
on my laptop but simply run Linux as my primary operating system, I do run Windows under VMware to read my
mail with Eudora. That situation came about as a quick solution to a simple problem I had over a year ago.

Like many people, I started out reading my mail on Unix systems using mail clients such as mh and xmh, and then shifted
to Windows-based clients such as Eudora or Netscape Messenger. When I got a new laptop about a year ago and
decided to run Linux on it, I found that I could not abandon the large amount of mail I had built up under Eudora. So I
installed Windows under VMware, copied my Eudora files over, and still had access to my accumulated mail."


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