June 23, 2002

The unofficial PCTel linmodem in Linux compatibility database

Sayamindu Dasgupta writes: The PCTel Modem-Linux Compatibilty Database is an effort to collect and
categorise information regarding PCTel softmodems' compatibilty in
PCTel provides (unofficially) proprietary Linux drivers for their
modems. However, some of the PCTel softmodems still refuse to work with
Linux, and moreover, to use the drivers, one has to know the chipset
present in one's modem.

The project is designed in such a manner that users will be able to add
their modem information (chipset, working status, distributions tested,
drivers tested, etc) in a database, which, in turn can be viewed and
searched by users whose modems are still not functioning.

I hope that this project will help in clearing some of the confusions
regarding chipsets PCTel modems.

All owners of PCTel modems are requested to visit the project site at


and submit their modem information.


Sayamindu Dasgupta

Administrator: The Unofficial PCTel softmodem-Linux Compatibility
Database Project

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