June 17, 2002

Upcoming Plesk Server Administrator 5.0 "Master" to deliver the industry's best ROI

Plesk, Inc., the market leader in automated Web hosting software, announced today an introductory promotion for it's upcoming Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) version 5.0 Master, which is an advanced single-console interface that consolidates and automates the management of Linux and Unix servers and the hosting plans that run on them.
Before June 30, hosting professionals who purchase PSA 2.5, the undisputed leader in automated hosting platforms, will receive a free10-server key of PSA 5.0 Master, which will have a list price of $199. PSA 5.0 Master is scheduled for general availability in early September. With PSA 5.0 Master, any delegated administrator - hosting provider, reseller or domain owner - can manage virtually an unlimited number of hosting plan templates. PSA 5.0 Master will be the price/performance leader for bulk hosting environments that sustain the most demanding reseller channels.

"PSA 5.0 Master is a breakthrough in Web hosting," said Rob Greenawalt, president and CEO of WebReseller.net. "The Master Level of administration makes this product simply amazing. With a single login I can manage an entire server farm to a single domain. This tool gives my resellers the power to freely resell my server space and never have to worry about training a support staff to manage their systems."

"Many of our customers have several hundred Plesk servers installed, and PSA 5.0 Master gives them the ability to consolidate the management of those servers through one interface without the overkill of enterprise-level management software," said George Pappas, president and CEO of Plesk. "PSA 5.0 Master is a non-disruptive way to significantly expand the functionality of PSA networks, and it continues to help our customers grow at their historically rapid pace."

With PSA 5.0 Master, hosting providers enjoy features such as:

  • Custom interface skin and new-button creation.
  • Limitless custom plan creation.
  • Multi-server management console.
  • Multi-system monitoring.
  • Server reseller hosting.

In addition to the 10-key version, PSA 5.0 Master will be available in a 25-server version priced at $399, and a 50-server version that will cost $599.

About Plesk, Inc.

Plesk, Inc. develops, markets and supports software that simplifies and automates the full range of server configuration and management tasks required for Web hosting. Using point-and-click user interfaces presented through standard Web browsers, Plesk Server Administrator enables non-technical customers and Web hosting companies to manage their own domains, and Web hosting companies and their service resellers to deliver better and faster customer support at lower cost. In less than two years, Plesk software has earned the enthusiastic praise and loyalty of hundreds of Web hosting companies and thousands of their customers. HostingTech Magazine in November 2001 wrote "In the load test, there was no discernable difference in performance during heavy CPU usage times. Speed and simplicity are why Plesk has perhaps the best selling of all the control panels." For more information about Plesk, visit www.plesk.com or call (888) 209-8900.

"Plesk" and "Plesk Server Administrator" are trademarks of Plesk, Inc. All other product, service and company names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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