April 7, 2006

Update: Mass ODF Milestones, Due Dates, Schedule

Andy Updegrove writes "Back in January, I wrote a blog entry called "The State of Play on ODF in Massachusetts: Milestones, Due Dates and Status." In that entry, I identified six milestones to watch for to determine whether adoption of OpenDocument Format (ODF) was on track in Massachusetts. Since then, there has been progress in each of these categories, with some already past (the new CIO has been instructed to implement ODF), some imminent (the Auditors Report will issue soon) and some pending (on accessibility, the crucial date is now June, when a decision will be made on whether the January 1, 2007 cutover date can be met responsibly, or must be delayed). In this entry, I review the status of each of the original milestones, and lay out some new ones, with the expected schedule for each."

Link: ConsortiumInfo.org

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