December 14, 2005

Updegrove: Mass. ODF debate to remains front burner

Peter Parker writes "There are few people in the online community who have been as outspoken about the OpenDocument format (ODF) dealings in Massachusetts IT these days as Andrew Updegrove.

Updegrove maintains a blog at, an online source of information regarding standards, standard setting, and open source software and on the role that these essential tools play in business and society. Updegrove's technology law firm, Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which is based in Boston, hosts the site.

Instead of taking a mad, conspiracy theorist's view of what has transpired between politicians, Microsoft and the pro-ODF groups, like the Free Software Foundation -- as many have done in the Commonwealth and abroad – Updegrove has taken documents and legislation as they are filed and has dissected them on his blog so that users can make up their own minds about this potentially monumental decision.

While a lot has happened with ODF and Massachusetts in the past year, Updegrove predicted that the debate will become "front-burner news" when the state senate reconvenes following the winter break."


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