January 9, 2002

User friendly security: Oxymoron or not?

Author: JT Smith

Jakub Marcin writes: "Very strong crypto for email, file sharing, discussion boards, etc. (works with Linux) -- 256 bit symmetric AES and 4096 asymmetric crypto among other goodies! Encryption for the nuts and insane or the real world? If you skip the blue and take the red pill, this is for you!

is a secure online service released by CryptoHeaven Development Team. The product is intended for individuals in need of security and privacy working in groups on sensitive projects.

Security can be user friendly. Oxymoron or not? These guys have the answer.

CryptoHeaven is the only no-compromise secure online system currently integrating secure email, secure group instant messaging, secure online file storage & secure multi-party file sharing all at your fingertips.

If you are thinking "unrestricted communications or security, but not both," wait until you experience what they have to offer.

Secure services are available over the internet from anywhere, anytime. Automatic key and contact management ensures you can use your account from any computer connected to the internet. An easy to use, integrated user interface capable of running on most current computers ensures that all services are always available, regardless of where you may be.

Your privacy is at all times protected with the highest level cryptography available for transmission and additionally for storage. Sending files through CryptoHeaven is like sending a message in a 100 ton safe with armed guards, actually even more secure, but you get the idea.

Free and premium accounts are available. Take it for a test drive and invite your friends to try it too.

CryptoHeaven is confident in its system, and as such releases the source code to any interested party for a review, free of charge.

At CryptoHeaven, usability does not sacrifice security.


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