June 19, 2006

User Mode Linux

James Pyles writes "I’ve read and reviewed a number of books where the author was describing someone else’s innovations. Finally I am looking at a text where the creator describes how to use his creation. I suppose it’s a little like Dr. Frankenstein writing a manual on how to build a person from “used” parts but that sounds a tad macabre. While it’s not unheard of to find an accomplished software developer who can also write, it’s not exactly a common occurrence. With that thought, I opened up “User Mode Linux” and dug into the first chapter. The common misunderstanding that many people seem to have about User Mode Linux (UML) is that it is just another version of virtualization software such as VMWare or Xen. These are software platforms that emulate workstation or server hardware. UML is not a hardware emulator but instead, an OS emulator. The limitation is that UML can only run on Linux as a Linux client however, there are also significant advantages not found in other virtualization products."

Link: linux-tutorial.info


  • Linux
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