October 20, 2009

User Track Sessions at FUDCon Toronto

Article Source Fedora Community
October 20, 2009, 4:58 am

Chris Tyler writes:

On the fudcon-planning list a while back, Paul mentioned an expanded user focus for FUDCon Toronto – the “u” in FUDCon. I proposed some session ideas on-list, and today I moved them onto the FUDCon wiki page. Although the original intent was to separate the “User” sessions from the more technical sessions, it was decided on the list that it would make more sense to plan a mix’n'match, because we’re all users too.

What we need now is for some people to grab these user-focused sessions and run with them. The sessions with a Presenter value of “Up for Grabs / You know you want to!” are the sessions that need some love. Don’t feel locked into the suggested title/description — please grab a session or two and make it happen in your own unique way.

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