January 23, 2004

Users unclear over benefit of Linux indemnification

IT users are apparently split on whether new legal indemnification programmes from major vendors such as Sun, Novell, HP and SuSE Linux will fuel a
wider adoption of Linux within their businesses.

In interviews at this week's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in New York, a sampling of users in businesses where IT is mission-critical, such as
insurance and health care administration, said the expanded indemnification programmes make them more comfortable with Linux. But they said other
factors remain to be addressed inside their companies before they can decide how to proceed.

Other users said indemnification is simply not an issue for them or , at best, is far down their list of criteria.

The issue of indemnifying, or protecting, companies that use Linux from legal actions similar to the lawsuit filed earlier this year by SCO against
IBM has arisen numerous times during this week's event. On Thursday 22 January, IBM said it wouldn't offer any such programme because it doesn't
believe indemnification is needed (see story).

Link: techworld.com

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