November 7, 2001

Using Debian on a 5-year-old laptop

Author: JT Smith

DebianPlanet readers address this question: "My friend has an old laptop that he bought 5yrs ago. He has no other computer
and doesn't want to spend money on a new one. He needs are limited to about 3
tasks. Realability and simplicity a very important as he doesn't have the time or
inclination to fix his system. He is smart (Medical doctor) and is happy to learn
new tools. He sees my system's reliability and how its so customised to my needs
(gnome/konqueror/kmail/gqmpeg/emacs/octave). He has asked me if it is possible
to set up a simple system for him.

The Hardware: A 5 yr old laptop. I can't remember the brand ...
What software would you people recommend?"


  • Linux
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