February 2, 2016

Using IPv6 with Linux? You’ve Likely Been Visited by Shodan and Other Scanners

ipv6-network-scan-640x284One of the benefits of the next-generation Internet protocol known as IPv6 is the enhanced privacy it offers over its IPv4 predecessor. With a staggering 2128 (or about 3.4Ã1038) theoretical addresses available, its IP pool is immune to the types of systematic scans that criminal hackers and researchers routinely perform to locate vulnerable devices and networks with IPv4 addresses. What's more, IPv6 addresses can contain regularly changing, partially randomized extensions. Together, the IPv6 features cloak devices in a quasi anonymity that's not possible with IPv4....

Shodanâthe vulnerability search engine that indexes Internet-connected devicesâhas been quietly contributing NTP services for months to the cluster of volunteer time servers known as the NTP Pool Project

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