September 6, 2005

Using Linux to Create a Audio CD Library

Back a few years ago, some friends of mine got very interested in creating audio CDs from *.mp3 files. At the time, they had access to a large directory structure with numerous directories (read: CDs), each containing around 10-13 mp3 audio files. At first, when the need arose to create a CD, one of the many "interactive CD burning software" packages would be used. This entailed selecting the relevant mp3 files with a mouse, dragging them to another "window", selecting any CD-specific options, and then finally pressing the "go" button. In addition to this manually intensive process, the software itself usually took a good deal of time to complete the "burn", during which one dare not do any serious work on that computer, for the CD buffer may run dry, and the burn process would be ruined. Because of the amount of effort that went into creating a single CD from a set of MP3 files, only the most "important" CDs were created in this way.

Link: Linux Gazette

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