Using OpenStack To Build A Hybrid Cloud With AWS


Multi-cloud has become the new standard and a lot of organizations see it as a necessary evil. Organizations cannot avoid investing in a cloud and still expect to remain competitive. However, it is extremely complex to deploy and manage a multi-cloud across diverse endpoints, while trying to use a single set of IT policies across them. In addition, developers want to get frictionless access to any cloud endpoint they choose.

OpenStack was founded with the intention to break free from the vendor lock-in that proprietary technology stacks such as VMware imposed, by bringing together diverse virtualization technologies under a single, open standard.

Today, we announced the first-of-its-kind set of OpenStack drivers to control and manage resources on AWS. The drivers provide the ability to integrate core OpenStack projects such as Nova, Glance, Neutron, and Cinder with AWS and provide a seamless experience managing an AWS endpoint using OpenStack. Our goal is for this to become a community-driven initiative to help contribute support for other popular public clouds in the future.

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