August 21, 2001

Using SSH

Author: JT Smith

LogError writes, "SSH is a secure replacement for telnet, rlogin, other r* and ftp protocols which handle sensitive information in an unsecure manner. Telnet broadcasts sensitive information such as usernames and passwords unencrpyted whereas SSH encrypts them, so that a malicious user trying to retrieve them with a, i.e. some sniffer could have no use for them as such. Not only telnet is vulnerable to eavesdropping, many other network services behave in such unsecure manner. SSH stands for Secure Shell, and is the best solution so far for these. All those services (telnet, rlogin and such) are a menace for security of your systems, so if you're still using them, well... stop! Use SSH. Not sure nor convinced?" Read on at


  • Linux
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