May 12, 2008

Using ultra-mobile Linux with a Nokia Internet Tablet (video)

Author: Chad Files

I'm on the go all the time, and sometimes that makes it hard to stay connected. I could carry my laptop with me everywhere, but that can be a pain, especially when I am on my bike. To meet the demands of my daily life I have constructed a lightweight, ultra-portable, Linux-based computing solution. I use a Nokia 770 tethered to a Nokia N75 mobile phone (when Wi-Fi is not available) and a Bluetooth PDA keyboard. This video explains the how and why of the solution.

The video discusses the following:

* Information about the Nokia 770 and its successors, the Nokia N75 mobile phone, and the Nokia SU-8W keyboard.
* How to tether the 770 to a mobile phone.
* How to configure the 770 to use a Bluetooth keyboard.
* Practical applications for the solution, such as playing Ogg audio, watching videos, browsing the Internet, and accessing servers remotely with SSH.
* What sets this solution apart from similar systems using devices such as the Apple iPhone.

Ogg Theora (right-click to download)


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