July 3, 2004

Using Windows Keyboard Media Buttons In Linux

The first step is to make sure your keyboard is properly identified to KDE. Go to the KDE Control Center - you'll find it listed in the "KMenu" (click the icon where the "start" button would be in Windows). Once the Control Center is up and running, click the "Regional & Accessibility" (or similar - it may be called "Accessibility" in other Linux distributions - Mandrake, for example) icon in the left-hand panel, the contents of which will change. From this new list, select "Keyboard Layout". Now on the right-hand panel, go to the "Layout" tab, and make sure the "Enable keyboard layouts" check box is checked. Pull-down the "Keyboard model" combo list box, and select your keyboard. It may originally say something like "Generic 101-key PC". You'll find a lot of keyboards listed, from a lot of manufacturers, so hopefully yours will be in there. In my case, I selected "Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro / Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro".

Link: Linux Gazette

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