February 13, 2002

USONYX launches Linux hosting operations aimed at small businesses

Author: JT Smith

Usonyx (www.usonyx.com), a leading provider of
affordable, innovative Web hosting solutions for SMEs, today began
operations and announced it will offer monthly shared, virtual private
server (VPS), and dedicated hosting plans. For as low as $20 a month,
small and medium businesses (SMBs) will be able to host their Web site
with Usonyx and receive full root access on Linux-based servers in a VPS
environment. The company is currently offering a free trial of the
hosting service at http://www.usonyx.com/.

Usonyx is also reaching out to the application service provider (ASP)
market, where it plans on radically changing the cost structure of ASP
hosting by enabling ASPs to offer services and applications via low-cost
virtual environments (VEs.) Traditionally, an ASP business hosts
applications almost exclusively on dedicated servers and Usonyx is
offering VPS hosting, enabled by SWsoft's Virtuozzo technology, to allow
ASPs to offer low-cost VEs that have the full-functionality of a
dedicated server.

Usonyx chose the Virtuozzo automation technology as its platform for
hosting because of the efficiency and scalability provided. Usonyx will
support upwards of a thousand customers on a single Intel-based server,
which enables them to offer low-cost VPS plans through the Virtuozzo
resource management and clustering capabilities.

Usonyx is offering a free trial of its hosting business. Please see
www.usonyx.com to sign-up.

About Usonyx
Usonyx is a leading provider of affordable, innovative Web hosting
solutions for SMEs and offers Web hosting, e-commerce, and application
hosting services. From basic shared to virtual private servers to
dedicated hosting, Usonyx is providing a low-cost means of provisioning
and maintaining a steadfast Web presence that meets and exceeds all
business objectives. More information about Usonyx can be found at

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