VA Linux Announces VA FlexMessaging Solution

Shuji Sado writes “VA Linux’s New All-in-one Mail System Features Robustness,
High-availability, High-Performance and Extensibility. [VA Linux Japan and NewsForge are both owned by the same company.]

Tokyo, JAPAN – December 7, 2004 —
VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux), a leading provider of
Linux solutions for the telecommunications and enterprise system
markets, today announced it will release ‘VA FlexMessaging
Solution’, a new all-in-one messaging solution based on Open
Source software. VA FlexMessaging Solution has appealing
properties such as robustness, high-availability, high-performance
and extensibility, thus is well-suited for both small-to-medium
body and very large organizations such as network service
providers which have over 1 million accounts. Advance sales of the
VA FlexMessaging Solution will begin immediately, while delivery
and full customer support for the system will be available from
January, 2005.

VA Linux had successfully built many large-scale mail systems
using Open Source software, and accumulated rich knowledge of
managing large-scale systems which often have over 1 million
accounts. VA Linux’s technological excellence made it possible to
construct such demanding systems by adding needed functions lacked
in the current Open Source solutions, or applying advanced
performance-tuning for high-traffic environments. This time, VA
Linux introduces VA FlexMessaging Solution, in which it utilizes
VA Linux’s rich experience on large-scale mail system design and
is provided as an all-in-one solution package. VA FlexMessaging
Solution is an integrated mail system solution based on carefully
tuned Open Source software including MTA, POP, IMAP, SPAM filter
and so forth. It is an ideally flexible mail system for both
small-to-medium setups and large-scale enterprises.

“VA FlexMessaging Solution is the culmination of rich know-how for
constructing large-scale system, which VA Linux has been
accumulating since its inception”, said Tatsuya Ueda, President
and CEO of VA Linux in Tokyo. “VA Linux now possesses
technological edge which is essential to actually employ Open
Source software in demanding, real enterprise world. We are sure
that our principle, ‘full support from source code level for
customers’, will impact on not only mail system market but also
enterprise market as a whole.”

This product consists of ‘FlexMail’, a Postfix-based
high-performance mail transfer engine improved by VA Linux,
‘FlexPOP’, the original POP server which supports Maildir style,
‘FlexIMAP’, a Courier-IMAP based IMAP server especially tuned for
large-scale mail system, ‘FlexML’, a GNU Mailman-based
feature-rich mailing list manager with easy-to-use Web-based
interface, and the original SPAM filtering solution for MTA called
‘FlexGuard’, which is capable of excluding SPAM mails
effectively. These components may fully utilize VA Linux’s other
solutions such as the load-balancing solution ‘VA Balance’ (has
been released this November), the LDAP directory server
solution ‘VA Directory’, and the core OS ‘VA Core’. Since VA Linux
provides the whole mail system from OS to application, customers can
expect rich, source code level (including Linux kernel) technical
support by VA Linux’s able experts.

VA FlexMessaging Solution adopts a modular architecture, which
means each function for mail systems (MTA / IMAP / POP / LDAP /
NFS and so on) are divided into independent modules and
distributed. This architecture promises configuration flexibility
— for example, just adding servers or disks is well enough to
improve the system performance as a whole. This level of
modularity makes it easier to cope with large-scale / high-traffic
requests from our demanding customers. Also, all components which
comprise of VA FlexMessaging Solution are designed to make full
use of completely replicated servers on which it works, therefore
high-reliability and stability are guaranteed. Besides, various
code improvements and additions for the carrier / enterprise grade
help to accomplish robustness and high-performance.

The pricing of VA FlexMessaging Solution depends on the number of
servers on which the solution runs, regardless of numbers of users
on those servers. For example, the basic system which has
FlexMail, FlexPOP, FlexML and FlexGuard on two replicated servers,
the price will start at 400k Japanese Yen. In case FlexIMAP
servers (5 more servers, for 5000 people) is added to this basic
configuration, the price will start at 650k Japanese Yen.

VA Linux will aggressively promote VA FlexMessaging Solution to
mainly telecommunication carriers, network service providers and
large-scale enterprises. Also, VA Linux seeks partners such as SI
vendors or hardware vendors engaged in deploying this solution to

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About VA Linux System Japan K.K.

Founded in September 2000, VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux),
which has based its operations on the development of Linux and
Open Source, has become one of the premier providers of Linux
kernel, technological, and software solutions in the Japanese
domestic market. From March 2004 onward, VA Linux has been the
recipient of funding from NTT Comware and NTT Data. VA Linux is
currently at the forefront of implementing Linux solutions for
telecommunication and enterprise system markets.

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