June 27, 2001

VA Linux changes won't have large impact on OSDN sites

Author: JT Smith

Today, OSDN's parent company, VA Linux Systems, Inc., announced that
company would be taking some significant restructuring steps. As part
of that plan, the company is exiting the hardware business.

However, as you and other loyal readers of OSDN know, OSDN's focus has
always been on the services we provide to the Open Source community,
we do not expect any major changes to OSDN as a result of this
restructuring. The community that is OSDN is a very important part of
who we are.

What does this mean for you? It means that that all of your favorite
OSDN sites -- like Slashdot.org, SourceForge.net, freshmeat.net,
Themes.org, Linux.com, NewsForge.com, Geocrawler and QuestionExchange
-- will be operating as usual. Indeed, with more focused resources of the
company available to OSDN, we are expecting more growth, more new
features, and more of all that's made OSDN a success.

I cannot emphasize this point enough: The community is very
to OSDN and is ingrained into our culture. We are here to serve the
community, and we look forward to being here for a very long time,
working with you.

-- Richard French
Senior Vice President & General Manager


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