October 31, 2005

VA Linux Cooperates With Clara Online

Shuji Sado writes "VA Linux Cooperates With Clara Online In the Field Of Load Balancing
and High-Availability Service [VA and NewsForge are related].

-- VA Linux Offers Its Load Balancer Software `VA Balance' To the Customers
of Clara Online's Dedicated Server Service for Linux, Achieving Reliable
yet Low-Cost Server Space Solution --

Tokyo, JAPAN - October 31, 2005 -- VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux),
Japan's leading Linux and Open Source solutions provider, and
Clara Online, Inc. today announced that the latter would adopt VA Balance,
the former's load balancer and high-availability service solution, for
Clara Online's dedicated server service for Linux. Both companies
agreed that Clara Online would sell VA Balance to its housing customers
at Clara's data centers and also work closely in marketing VA Balance.

VA Balance is a load balancer and high-availability service solution
developed by VA Linux. VA Balance is comprised of Linux OS and various
Open Source Softwares, and has been accepted by many network careers
and ISPs since its first release in November, 2004.

According to the arrangement this time, VA Linux will provide VA Balance
and its support to Clara Online, and meanwhile Clara Online will
recommend VA Balance to its customers of dedicated server service for
Linux as the load balancing component (up to Layer 4). Also, two
companies will work together in promoting VA Balance. By this agreement,
customers will enjoy both VA Linux's solid development / failure
analysis power and Clara Online's high-quality server space service,
and it will lead to high quality server space solution with reliable yet
low-cost load balancing / high-availability feature.
Clara Online's two customers of dedicated server service for Linux have
already chosen VA Balance.

"VA Balance is the fruit of VA Linux's strong development competence
based on rich experience in developing many Open Source Softwares
including the Linux kernel itself", said Tatsuya Ueda, President and
CEO of VA Linux in Tokyo. "I think that combining our development
ability with Clara Online's high quality server space service would
be the perfect match for coping with our customers' various demands,
by enhancing the foundation of internet services. We at VA Linux are
sure that this agreement promises better customer experience for
customers of Clara Online's dedicated server service for Linux.
VA Linux continues to plan and develop Open Source solutions such
as VA Balance."

"Clara Online maintains its own data centers and networks, and
adopts Red Hat Enterprise Linux and DELL servers for its all services.
By establishing strong ties with our business partners, we can provide
high value-added service at low cost", said Kentaro Iemoto, President
and CEO of Clara Online, Inc. "These days, we face the rapid growth
of access numbers and the size of web contents, so both the load and
demand for reliability for our servers are increasing. Now we can
work with VA Linux, well known for its excellence on Linux-related
technology and experience, we hope we can provide our customers to
new value-added service which provides better load balancing and
high-availability via VA Balance. It will lead to better performance
and customer experience for Web server systems. Also, by working
together closely, we market VA Balance aggressively."

Starting from this arrangement, both companies will continue to deepen

About VA Balance

VA Balance is a highly effective, high-availability load balancing
software fully integrated with Linux OS and ideally suited to
enterprise systems. VA Balance consists of UltraMonkey, a scalable
open source load balancing software, and VA Core, a GNU/Linux system
based on Debian; both are developed by VA Linux. VA Balance is a fully
integrated solution. The control-configuration-monitoring framework
provided by VA Core and the special UltraMonkey load balancing software
optimized for VA Core are tightly linked and provide an effective
and robust load balancing solution ideal for local area networks.
* VA Balance product page: http://www.valinux.co.jp/en/products/balance/

About Clara Online, Inc.

Clara Online, Inc. is a server hosting company based on Tokyo, Nagoya,
and Taiwan. Owning 4.1Gbps connection channel in total, Clara Online
has five data centers (two in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Seoul).
Clara Online provides dedicated server service (one server for one
customer), VPS service (one server for several customers by using
virtual hosts), co-location service (housing customers' server in
Clara's data centers) and domain name acquisition service.
Please see http://www.clara.co.jp/ (in Japanese).

About VA Linux Systems Japan

Founded in September 2000, VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux),
which has based its operations on the development of Linux and Open
Source, has become one of the premier providers of Linux kernel,
technological, and software solutions in the Japanese domestic
market. From March 2004 onward, VA Linux has been the recipient of
funding from NTT Comware and NTT Data. VA Linux is currently at the
forefront of implementing Linux solutions for telecommunication and
enterprise system markets. http://www.valinux.co.jp/en/


Tomohisa Iwai
Clara Online, Inc.
phone: +81-52-219-5130
fax: +81-52-219-5134
Email: press at clara.co.jp

Takako Iizuka
Public Relations
VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.
phone: +81-3-3293-5151
fax: +81-3-3293-5152
Email: mktg at valinux.co.jp"

Link: valinux.co.jp

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