September 25, 2000

VA Linux to provide Red Hat 7.0-based software on servers

Author: JT Smith

VA Linux Systems, Inc. today announced that the company plans to offer Red Hat 7.0-based software for ordering as a standard server or workstation software load in mid-October. (Full disclosure: NewsForge is owned by VA Linux.)

Red Hat 7.0 is also available for download starting tomorrow via SourceForge's high-bandwidth mirror
site (, which also includes mirrors for
other popular Linux-related software projects, such as the Linux kernel,
Debian GNU/Linux, GNOME, KDE, Mozilla, SuSE Linux and XFree86.

VA Linux engineers expect to continue final qualification of Red Hat 7.0
for VA Linux systems over the coming weeks. VA Linux Systems optimizes
the operating system and applications to improve performance on its
servers and workstations, modifying and enhancing software packages
where necessary, and supplements its systems with additional software
packages for high-performance Internet and e-business applications.

For companies that want further customization of their operating system
and applications, VA Linux offers the industry's first Build-to-Order
Software configuration system, which enables customers to point, click,
select and save the specific software components they want pre-installed
at the factory and delivered on their servers--all via the Web. Red Hat
7.0-based software packages will also be available through BOSS[tm],
VA Linux Systems' Build-to-Order Software Selector, later this fall.

Key Contributions of VA Linux Developers

VA Linux Systems employs many key contributors to the Linux kernel,
operating system and related applications, including many software
packages featured in Red Hat 7.0. Notable contributions from VA Linux
developers featured in the latest release of Red Hat include the following
software packages.

For enterprise IT departments:

o Samba. Windows-compatible file and print server used in
multinational corporations and educational institutions worldwide.
(Jeremy Allison, co-lead, Gerald Carter, others)
o NFS. Network file system. (David Higgen and H. J. Lu)
o Ext2 file system. (Ted Ts'o)
o RAID and SCSI drivers. (Leonard Zubkoff)
o Linux Virtual Server. TCP and UDP service load-balancing in the
Linux kernel. (Simon Horman)

For workstation users:

o XFree86 4.0. Graphical engine for Linux and UNIX. (David
Dawes, president of XFree86, Mark Vojkovich, others)
o Direct Rending Infrastructure (DRI). Enhanced 3D support.
(VA Linux Professional Services Multimedia and Graphics
Engineering Practice, led by Daryll Strauss and including many
other developers such as Kevin Martin, Brian Paul, Allen Akin,
Alan Hourihane, and other members of the XFree86 team)
o Enlightenment window manager. (Carsten "Raster" Haitzler
and Geoff "Mandrake" Harrison)
o Eterm. (Michael Jennings)
o USB support. Universal Serial Bus support. (Johannes Erdfelt)
o PCMCIA. (David Hinds)

For developers:

o Binutils and nfs-utils. (H. J. Lu)

Additional contributions from VA Linux developers include many other
pieces of the Linux kernel, software packages and patches to Red Hat
7.0 during beta testing.

"Linux software is developed and supported by a vast community of Open
Source developers that spans the globe," said Dr. Larry M. Augustin,
president and CEO of VA Linux Systems. "At VA Linux, we encourage our
engineers to author, maintain and contribute to Open Source software
projects--from Linux device drivers to graphical user interfaces, from
file system utilities to 3D animation support. We are firmly committed
to Open Source development as a methodology for creating better software,

About VA Linux Systems

VA Linux Systems is the world's Linux leader. The expert provider of Linux
and Open Source solutions for the Web, VA Linux offers a single point
of contact for highly customized Linux servers and storage -- featuring
the industry's first Build-to-Order Software -- as well as professional
consulting services and support. VA Linux Systems' mission is to make its
customers successful through the use of Linux and Open Source -- whether
they are e-businesses rapidly expanding their Internet infrastructures, or
technology companies leveraging the power and methodology of Open Source
software development. As part of its commitment to expanding the Open
Source community, VA Linux Systems operates the Open Source Development
Network (OSDN). A network of the leading Internet sites for Open Source
development, distribution and discussion, OSDN includes SourceForge,, Slashdot and Founded in 1993 and headquartered
in Fremont, California with offices across North America and Europe,
VA Linux is located on the Web at

Certain statements in this press release, including statements
relating to future product release dates, product performance and
results, are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks
and uncertainties that could cause results to be materially different
from expectations. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not
limited to, successful and timely qualification of Red Hat 7.0 on VA
Linux servers and workstations; reliance on software developed by third
parties; industry trends in Linux and Open Source; the company's ability
to attract and retain qualified personnel; the company's continued
introduction of new products and enhancements to existing products;
and other risks detailed in VA Linux's filings with the Securities and
Exchange Commission, copies of which may be accessed through the SEC's
web site at

Note: VA Linux Systems, Build-to-Order Software Selector (BOSS),
SourceForge and OSDN are trademarks of VA Linux Systems, Inc. Linux is
a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are
property of their respective owners.

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