March 27, 2003

VA Software Joins Open Source Software Institute

(Disclosure: VA Software is NewsForge's parent company) John Weathersby writes
"Oxford, MS - March 26, 2003 The Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) announced
today that VA Software (Nasdaq: LNUX) has joined the open-source advocacy
group as a corporate member and sponsor.
OSSI ( is a non-profit organization whose mission is
to promote the development and implementation of open-source technologies
and methodologies within the U.S. Federal government and academic communities.

Freemont, CA-based VA Software develops SourceForge Enterprise Edition, which
enables organizations to rapidly jump-start an open-source development initiative
by providing a single application that integrates development, collaboration
and management tools with a common repository to support enhanced code re-use,
versioning and resource allocation among distributed development teams.  

VA Software is also the parent company of OSDN, Inc. and its affiliate websites
that include, Slashdot,, Newsforge, ThinkGeek
and among others that provide the latest technology news, discussion
and tools to 7 million unique visitors each month.
is the worlds largest open source software development website with the
largest repository of open source code and applications available on the
Internet. provides free services to open-source developers. 
Currently hosts more than 58,000 software development projects
with nearly 600,000 registered users.

VA Software plays an important role within the IT industry and open-source
community by serving as a pioneer in supporting open-source development constructs
in traditional development environments through its technology, media and
software foundry services, said John Weathersby, OSSI founder and chairman. 
OSSIs mission is to promote usage and adoption of open source within the
government.  Essential VA Software programs, such as SourceForge, provide
an opportunity to clearly demonstrate how, where and when open-source methodologies
and technologies can be effectively used within the public sector.

OSSI has proven to be an organization that is making substantial inroads
in working with the Federal government, said David Appelbaum, VA Softwares
Senior Vice President of Marketing.  We are excited to be a part of
the OSSI team and look forward to working with the organization and its members
and supporters as a growing number of government programs consider open-source
technologies and techniques.

About OSSI

The Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) is a not-for-profit organization
whose mission is to promote the development and implementation of open-source
technologies within U.S. Federal, state and municipal government agencies
and academic entities.  OSSI has taken an active leadership role in
open source projects within civilian government agencies as well as U.S.
Defense and Intelligence communities. Additional information on OSSI is available


VA Software (Nasdaq: LNUX), provider of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, is
the leader in Development Intelligence.  SourceForge is an integrated
web-based application that combines software development tools with the ability
to track, measure and report on software tools with the ability to track,
measure and report on software project activity in real time.  IT and
software engineering organizations use SourceForge to manage application
development more effectively, improve operational efficiency and build better
quality software.  Development Intelligence with SourceForge provides
the information and infrastructure required to make software development
a key of competitive advantage.  VA Software customers currently using
SourceForge include major organizations in financial services, defense and
aerospace, manufacturing, communications and government.  Information
on how SourceForge aligns IT and business is available at

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