June 4, 2015

Valve’s Steam Machines are Coming in October

The era of console-like PCs is about to begin.

Valve, along with its hardware partners Alienware and Cyberpower, will release the first Steam Machines starting Oct. 16. That’s when people who preorder will start receiving the first units. Retailers, however, won’t start stocking Valve’s SteamOS-powered PCs until Nov. 10. The PC gaming boxes will start at $450. That is also when the Steam Controller and Steam Link in-house game-streaming device will debut. After this first wave, other Valve hardware partners will also start releasing their take on the Steam Machine. This is all part of Valve’s attempt to create a viable ecosystem for gaming that stands apart from Microsoft’s Windows while simultaneously giving consumers an easy-to-understand alternative to buying a console or building a PC.

Read more at VentureBeat.

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