January 31, 2001

Vector Linux 1.8

Author: JT Smith

From evil3d.net: "Been lookingg for a quick and tight Linux distribution for your
gaming box? Me too! And Vector Linux just might fit the bill.
Utilizing the 2.2.17 kernel, Vector Linux sports i586 optimizations
and a small footprint (how does 170MB fully installed sound?).
Included in the 1.8 version is a full compliment of desktop tools, a GUI, and
development tools. web tools, and networking tools. As an added bonus
Vector Linux (henceforth, VL for short) can use just about any package
format (rpm, deb, slp, etc.). Sounds good so far, but is it for real? I was
certainly a disbeliever. How could they pack all of that into a mere 170MB
when the big names are eating up over a gigabyte of space at least?"


  • Linux
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