July 29, 2005

Vector Linux 5.1 standard edition is out.

Guest writes "The developers of Vector Linux are proud to announce that the lastest version, 5.1 Standard Edition, is available from our ftp site and the various mirrors. We have tested this release long and hard under the guise of 5.0 with two beta's and two release candidates. We think you will find this a fast, easy to install and very robust operating system that can be used on older hardware and new as well.

Slackware is our core and we bring many things to the table that a modern desktop should have like auto hardware configuration, the latest 2.6.x kernel, automounting of USB devices and a first for Slackware, real package management with dependency checking via the slapt-get and Gslapt-gui system. The operating system features three light weight window managers IceWM, Xfce4 and fluxbox with best of breed support programs for productivity in most every aspect of your computing needs. We have a DELUXE version available in our online CD Store that adds KDE, openoffice and FreeRock Gnome (as a bonus CD) to our offering.

Also, there are VL packages of the latest and gorgeous enlightenment available.

More information and screenshots on our web site: www.vectorlinux.com"

Link: vectorlinux.com


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