VectorLinux 5.0 SOHO released

UKBill writes “The Vector Linux crew is pleased to announce the release of VectorLinux Soho v5.0 – a very feature-rich full-sized Linux Distribution, targeted for the small office/home office user. VL Soho 5.0 is based on the recently released Slackware 10.1. This means a very fine-tuned distro with Slack’s rock-solid base and the most up to date stable packages available.

Complementing a fresh new look to the desktop, some of the most important changes in VL5 are under the hood, featuring huge improvements in VASM (the system administration utility) and the addition of VLAPT(the first generation of a package management system with dependency tracking, based on Slapt-get). The installer has also been rewritten with improved hardware detection and package selection and the init routine has been reworked to dramatically cut boot time by about 50%.

Some of the bundled applications are: KDE 3.3.2 and iceWM 1.2.13 as window managers. For a complete web experience you will find Firefox 1.0 with pre-configured Mplayer, Flash, and Java plugins, plus Gaim 1.1.2, gFtp, Kasablanca, and Sylpheed.

Even with all of this, VectorLinux Soho v5.0 still fits in an easy to install, single CD.

More details:
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