Vendors Roll out Intel Xeon E7 Servers for 30-40 Percent Speed Bump


Last week a host of HPC vendors rolled out new servers based on Intel’s latest “Westmere” 10-core Xeon E7 processors. As the high end of Intel’s X86 line, the E7 processors are a bit on the spendy side, so they are really targeted at applications that benefit from maximum core-count and memory size:

  • AMAX announced that their ServMax H Class 4-way and 8-way HPC servers, which use the E7’s 2.67GHz performance and turbo boost technology to “achieve even faster speeds, with up to 40% performance improvement for data-intensive software applications such as ANSYS, AMBER 11, Jacket and 3ds Max.”
  • Dell rolled out Poweredge servers with up to 40 cores and 2TB of memory.
  • HP stepped up with new E7 blade servers and an 8-socket, 80-core beast of a server that supports up to 4TB of RAM.
  • SGI announced a performance gain of up to 35% on the SGI Altix UV server line based on the Intel Xeon processor E7 product family. The Altix UV offers full-scale 256 socket support for the highest performing 130W processors.
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