February 26, 2004

Veritas Director of Linux Strategy Ranajit Nevatia on Open Source in the Datacenter

"Today, Linux is definitely on the mainstream path," Veritas director of Linux strategy Ranajit Nevatia told LinuxInsider. "It's where the market is
growing the fastest, and it's the direction our customers want us to go."

The diversity of operating systems and hardware in the datacenter is greater than ever these days, while data software specifically designed to manage
the different types of systems is becoming more widespread and popular.

Getting a first-hand view of the evolution of Linux and its increasing role in today's diverse datacenter, Veritas Software
claims the open-source platform has truly hit the mainstream enterprise based on the fact that Linux
now handles database workloads.

A strong proponent of utility computing -- a relatively new computing strategy in which IT resources such as storage, servers and applications flow
like water -- Veritas says that even the most conservative companies are now coming around to Linux and more open-source software in the datacenter.

In an exclusive interview, LinuxInsider talked with Veritas director of Linux strategy Ranajit Nevatia to hear about these changes.

Link: linuxinsider.com


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