September 21, 2012

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Finally Lands Jelly Bean Update

As Alton Brown is fond of saying, "your patience will be rewarded." Today, those of you with Verizon-branded Galaxy Nexus handsets (at least those that didn't run out and download an unofficial Jelly Bean) are finally getting your reward. Android version 4.1.1 (better known as JRO03O among the hack happy) is being pushed out OTA to Big Red customers, complete with the preemptive magic of Google Now in tow. If you haven't seen an alert yet, head to the About Phone section in your settings, and tap System Updates. Having recently been welcomed back to the AOSP fold, we'd have hoped for an update sooner, but it's still among the first wave of handsets to move to the latest version of Android. Now if only this would restore Google Wallet functionality. (Hey, a guy can dream can't he?) The complete announcement from Verizon awaits after the break.

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