With Version 2.0, Crate.io’s Database Tools Put an Emphasis on IoT


Crate.io, the winner of our Disrupt Europe 2014 Battlefield, is launching version 2.0 of its CrateDB database today. The tool, which is available in both an open source and enterprise version, started out as a general-purpose but highly scalable SQL database. Over time, though, the team found that many of its customers were using the service for managing their machine data and, unsurprisingly, decided to focus its efforts on better supporting those clients.

“The main message is that we hit the nail with the machine data focus that we now have for CrateDB,” Crate co-founder and COO Christian Lutz told me, and added that it was basically the customers who educated the team on what they needed. “We took a look at what they were doing and the database market is so crowded — but we have this mix of SQL and NoSQL,” Lutz said, “and IoT is going to be the fastest growing market for databases.”

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