March 23, 2006

Versora's Migration Tool Now Supports Ubuntu

RGeorge writes "March 22, 2006 – Versora announced today that their Progression Desktop Windows to Linux software tool now supports desktop migrations to Ubuntu.

Generally used as a Linux distribution barometer, Distrowatch lists Ubuntu as the most popular over the last twelve months above other notable Linux distributions such as SUSE, Fedora, NLD and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

In a survey conducted by Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) in the 3rd quarter of 2005, Ubuntu was found to be the fastest-growing Linux distribution.

Additionally, Ubuntu was voted the best distribution in the most recent Linux Journal Reader’s Choice Awards.

“Ubuntu’s meteoric rise in popularity is well-documented,” said Versora CEO Mike Sheffey. “It was a natural and necessary ‘next step’ in the evolution of Progression Desktop to support migrations to Ubuntu.”

A Linux Product Excellence Award finalist at the 2005 LinuxWorld Boston and San Francisco Conferences, Progression Desktop automates the migration of data, application and system settings from Windows to Linux desktops.

“Progression Desktop provides a valuable solution to those seeking to migrate their data and settings off their Window desktops over to Ubuntu,” said Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttlesworth. “It basically allows users to take their personality profile and data with them automatically and saves a lot of time when compared to a manual migration.”

Progression Desktop employs an easy to use "next, next, finished" interface to guide the user through a migration. Additionally, migrations can be fully automated from a command line to allow integration with third party system management tools such as Novell ZENworks and Red Hat Network.

“The current popularity surrounding Ubuntu is a drop in the bucket compared to what’s ahead,” said Sheffey. “More and more Windows users are going to be moving to Ubuntu, and we’re happy to help them make the switch.”

About Ubuntu & Canonical
Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system consisting entirely of Free and Open Source software for laptops, desktops, and servers. Ubuntu is community developed, commercially supported, and offers free security updates for at least 18 months after release, with regular releases every six months. Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Ltd, the leading global provider of free Linux software with full commercial support. The company employs developers and support engineers across 15 countries and is headquartered in the Isle of Man. For more information, please check

About Versora
Versora is a leading provider of Windows to Linux migration solutions. Versora offers software and professional services that enable and accelerate enterprise Linux adoption. Solutions that Versora offer include Linux mail and collaboration migration from Microsoft Exchange servers, Linux database migration from Microsoft SQL servers, Apache web server migration from Microsoft IIS web servers, and Windows to Linux desktop migration. For more information about Versora, visit"


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