August 29, 2001

Vi IMproved--Vim and Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2

Author: JT Smith

Linux Journal: "Vim enhances the original vi so you can edit faster, but the Happy Hacking series of keyboards removes features to achieve the same goal. There's no top row of function
keys or anything right of Enter. Escape moves down to just left of the number one, which is why we're mentioning this keyboard in an review of a book about Vim--there'll
be no more "Mom, can you make me some sandwiches? I'm going to go hit Escape today, be back for dinner." The missing keys are available with Fn, so you can still do a
SysRq if you need to.

The Control key is where it belongs, above the left Shift. And the upper right corner is a little changed from a standard PC keyboard too. A DIP-switchable
backspace/delete key is above Enter, and backslash/pipe and tilde/backquote are above that."


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