December 27, 2004

Vidalinux Desktop OS 1.1 released

Marcos writes "A new release of the Gentoo-based Vidalinux Desktop OS is now available for download: "For
all you VLOS fans here is the new version of Vidalinux Desktop OS with
lots of changes, fixes, updates, new theme and artwork make this
release even better than 1.0." Read the full release notes
for detailed information about all the changes since version 1.0. The
ISO images for Athlon XP, i686 and Pentium 4 processors are now
available for download via BitTorrent, and also from this mirror: vlos-1.1-download-athlonxp.iso (448MB), vlos-1.1-download-i686.iso (422MB), vlos-1.1-download-pentium4.iso (421MB). Alternatively, you can order the CD from the project's online store (US$30)."



  • Linux
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