September 9, 2005

Vidalinux Release VLOS 1.2.1 RC1 and 1.3.0 Alpha0

Anonymous Reader writes "The developers of VLOS, a Gentoo-based distribution formerly known as Vidalinux, have released two new development versions for testing. Version 1.2.1-rc1: New vlos-1.2.1-rc1 is available for download, this is a bug fixes release of VLOS 1.2. Bug fixes and changes since 1.2: kernel panic fixed and new kernel 2.6.13 included; Anaconda installer updated; AbiWord now part of VLOS download edition; Nautilus crash fixed; NVIDIA and ATI drivers included; MBR bug fixed. Version 1.3-alpha0: Our staff is going crazy with GNOME 2.12 and celebrating this awesome release of our main desktop we announced a pre-alpha version of the next version of VLOS schedule to be released in January 2006. The two releases can be downloaded via BitTorrent: vlos-1.2.1-rc1 (617MB), vlos-1.3-alpha0 (636MB)."


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