[Video] Onstar – Remote Control Your Car From Your Tizen Samsung Gear 2


  At the Tizen Developer Conference, Onstar a General Motors subsidiary company, were showing off their car remote control solution, but with a little twist as it was working on a Samsung Gear 2, to control a lovely looking Chevrolet. You now have the remote control features from their RemoteLink service, directly on your wrist.

Your Tizen based Samsung Gear 2 can act as your keyfob for your car, and even if you lock your keys in your car, you still haven’t got a problem. You can use the app to lock, unlock, and start your car remotely, from anywhere using a simple cellular data connection. You can even honk the horn if your having problems locating your car in a busy car park. These Smart watch features will be available to existing Onstar subscribers at no additional cost, which obviously makes sense.   

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