May 15, 2015

[Video] Samsung Artik Challenge with $100,000 Prizes for IoT Developers Launched

  IoT can be used to address many issues / problems what we face today, and one of the major ones faced around the world is water conservation. President and Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung Electronics Young Sohn believes that the industry can use the Internet of Things (IOT) in addressing these major challenges faced by the world today.

âAs an industry we must join together to use the power of the IOT to overcome the challenges posed by issues such as demographic aging of the population, water shortages, increased traffic congestion, pollution and major health problem,â the president said Sohn. âWe need to create a powerful open platform that will utilize the information generated by the IOT to develop new insights and new approaches to meet the challenges we face as a society.â  

Samsung Artik is an open platform that includes hardware, software, development board, driver, set of tools, advanced security features and connectivity to build cloud-connected device IOT quickly.   Samsung Artik Challenge Developers can win a grand prize of $90,000 for finding ways to implement IoT to effectively reduce water consumption by individuals or a city. You can find further information about the Samsung Artik Challenge can be found

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