August 25, 2008

A video tour of openSUSE 11 (with KDE 4 desktop)

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

SUSE has been around almost since the dawn of consumer-level desktop Linux, and openSUSE 11 upholds the SUSE reputation for having not just a wide range of available applications, but also excellent documentation and a fine user-to-user support community. For this video we chose the KDE 4.x desktop option. KDE 3.5x and GNOME are also available as defaults in openSUSE.

Ogg Theora (right-click to download)

Note: video distro tours are not reviews. Their purpose is to give you an idea of a given GNU/Linux distribution's "look and feel" before you go to the trouble of downloading and installing it yourself. You can find complete openSUSE download and installation instructions here.


  • SUSE/openSUSE
  • Video
  • Linux
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