Videos: 10 Interesting Technical Talks from LinuxConf.Au 2015


Many Linux and open source leaders gave presentations at LinuxConf.Au 2015 a few weeks ago, including Linux Creator Linus Torvalds. All of the conference videos are available on YouTube, and there were many excellent presentations — so many it would be impossible to watch them all. The range of topics covered everything from open source governance and community management, to inspiring uses of Linux and open source technologies, to technical talks and tutorials. Here are ten interesting technical talks focused on Linux and the kernel. (Disclaimer: I have not watched every single minute of all of these videos. I’ll leave it to you to decide how captivating they are.)  

1. Advanced Linux Server-Side Threats: How they work and what you can do about them

Olivier Bilodeau covers how malware and hacking have evolved on Linux servers from simple defacement, motivated by visibility, to organized crimeware, motivated by money and why you should care. He also covers the latest threats, how they work, and how to detect and respond to them.″ frameborder=”0