Vincenzo Ciaglia Speaks Security 2004

8 writes “Vincenzo Ciaglia of Linux Netwosix talks about this year of Linux Security. A full immersion in the world of Linux Security from many sides and points of view.


And another year arrives. What will this 2005 give to us? Only chocolates, cakes, happiness and no other stress from the work or anything else? Ok, I’m just joking. Let’s start! The year 2004 has been the year of Linux, according to many “linux critics”. In my opinion, it has just been another year for Linux to demonstrate its power, usability, and security in comparison to other operating systems and commercial products. Many successes followed one another without a break.

Management’s View of Linux Security Today

There is still very little consideration for Linux. It’s a simple sentence, but a complex situation. Let’s take the example of Italy (my home country).

Only too few companies understood the real problem of security. Here is a simple example:

“Hey manager, you could be a simple target for an attacker if you make this or do this with your LAN”, “Hey Linux-Security-addict don’t worry, please! We have so many computer experts in our company””



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